Get a Grip #34: When in the pitching motion are pitchers most likely to tear their UCL

Get a Grip #33: How much are injuries costing MLB teams

Get a Grip #32: Joint gapping under valgus stress

Get a Grip #31: The variable that can best predict whether you will need TJ
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Get a Grip #25: What a cadaver lab can teach us about how to prevent a UCL tear.
Get a Grip #24: Do breaking balls cause UCL tears?
Get a Grip #23: Are harder throwers more likely to tear their UCL?
Get a Grip #22: Pitchers: what can we learn from measuring forces on the only body part that touches the ball?
Get a Grip #21: Will bigger and stronger hands lead to better spin rates?
Get a Grip #20: If I train my right arm, will my left arm get stronger?
Get a Grip #19: Are more fingers better than one?
Get a Grip #18: True or False: most UCL tears occur at ball release / arm extension.
Get a Grip #17: Should Pitchers Start Rock Climbing?
Get a Grip #16: I get by with a little help from my friends.
Get a Grip #15: Why Does Detroit Tigers’ Casey Mize Need TJ Surgery If He Did Not Tear His UCL.
Get a Grip #14: Valgus Loading in Pro Pitchers.
Get a Grip #13: Do Finger Forces Affect Command?
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Get a Grip #11:How Common is Tommy John Surgery in Pro Baseball?
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Get a Grip #8: How does velocity relate to UCL health?
Get a Grip #7: risk factors for UCL tears and return rate for MLB pitchers after UCLR
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Get a Grip #5: Relationship between elbow varus torque and arm slot
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Get a Grip #2: Evaluating and treating UCL tears
Get a Grip #1: UCL bundles

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