What is
FlexPro Grip

FlexPro Grip is the only device in the world that can help pitchers of all ages optimally target and strengthen the muscles and tendons from the fingertips through the elbow to:

Increase spin rate / create greater pitch movement

increase endurance

Throw harder

recover or rehab from a UCL or forearm injury faster

Improve command

strengthen the precise muscles that can reduce the risk of a UCL tear

What makes
FlexPro Grip unique


Use it anywhere. No wi-fi necessary.

Objective results

Measures the precise force and rate of force development to ensure your training is optimal.

Exclusive technology

No other device or training method can match FlexPro Grip’s patent-pending functionality.

Optimal muscle targeting

Targets precise muscles & tendons proven to protect the UCL.

A measurement & training device

Eliminates the need for any other forearm, hand, or finger training equipment.

Customized training

App matches prescribed resistance to your strength levels each training day for an individualized plan.

No guess work required

Training protocols proven through scientific research to produce health and performance improvements.

Utilizes isometrics

Ideal training method to increase ability of muscles & tendons to protect the UCL.

Let FPG help you protect your UCL and improve your pitch movement, velocity, and command.

Evidence based.
Proven results.

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